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Sanctuary of the King
Sanctuary of the Inmortal
Sanctuary of the Conqueror

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Angeluz Online Explorer version

Angeluz Online is a custom map custom engine game server. It has its own story and has been developed throught the past of time.
Angeluz Online is a Race-PvP centric game (Races against other races) that aims to reach the full enjoyment of a decent RPG and a well made War OTS.

Races: Angeluz consist in the interaction between three races and its bellic conflicts; fighting for neutral zones, invasions and assaults. These races are: Angels Demons Satanists (Explore the Library sections for more information)
Every race will have its own realm/kingdom and MUST protect its safety and economy. Each realm/kingdom having its own hunting grounds and quests makes Angeluz very unique and enjoyable while trying each race.

Angeluz Rates

Exp stages
From Lv To Lv Exp
1 149 3x
150 249 2x
250 299 1x
300+ 0x
Skill rate 0x
Magic rate 0x
Loot rate 1.2x
Spawn rate 2x

Angeluz Online Core Features

  • Angeluz developed its own systems.
  • In Angeluz Online level 300 is the max level you can reach by killing monsters. Nevertheless you can still get experience from quests, tasks, player killing, trap battles and boss rooms.
  • Cooldown groups: Angeluz's spells use 4 exhaustion groups which are: Physical , Magical , Healing & Support . This categories allow players to do 2~4 spells combos within 1~3 seconds. For more information visit the Library/Spells section.
  • Combat controls: Stances play a very important role in combat. This bonus are apply for each stance:

    Basic attack damage 1.15x 1x 0.85x
    Spell damage 1.1x 1x 0.9x
    Defense multiplier 1x 2x 4x
    Healing 0.9x 1x 1.1x
    Satanist life-drain spells' life steal 0.8x 1x 1.2x
    Satanist claw spells health cost 1.2x 1x 0.8x
  • NO Attack Chase and Follow: : In Angeluz Online does NOT exist follow and attack chase.
  • Injured status : When reaching 30% hitpoints of below (red bar), all player's healing output is reduced by -30%.
  • Potions: Potions have 1 second delay to heal when used. From the moment you use it you won't be able to move until the healing effect is applied.
  • Knight, Paladin and Beast classes has the ability to fully block basic attacks damage from enemies by wielding a shield ( Blocked ). This is a chance that is calculated by the shielding skill of the player and its shield's defense, also only works if player is in balance or full defense stance.
  • Satanist race use Life-Drain type spells life drain damage. These spells drain hitpoints from their targets. Satanist sustain depends on the damage inflicted to others. Life steal is based on 50% of damage dealt to players and 25% to monsters. This percentage can be increased/reduced by combat stances and equipment.
  • Satanist race has a passive effect: The more damaged a satanist is, the more damage they inflict with their spells.
  • Skill up with Academies: Sword, Club, Axe, Distance, Claw, Distance fighting, Shielding, Healing and Magic level skills can only be improved by taking a lesson in the academies, there is one for each skill and every lesson cost gold coins. This is the only way to skill up. Alternative player can use skill scrolls to level their skills.
  • Tier Rooms: Angeluz Online Explorer version offers tier rooms where premium players can obtain equipment in exchange of some medals that can be bought in the store.